First CEF USA Frontline Church Partnership in Georgia

Congratulations to Denise Cox and her team at Grace Fellowship church in Snellville for being selected as the first CEF USA FRONTLINE church partner!

CEF USA created the FRONTLINE church partnership to give 5 next gen-focused churches across the nation the freedom and creativity to try new ideas and practices in Good News Club ministry and report back to CEF USA on the results. Some ideas and practices will be driven by headquarters; others by the church teams themselves. All this is an effort to help CEF USA understand the diverse the needs of churches across our country. These 5 FRONTLINE church partners are essentially “quarantined” from all other partnerships, giving CEF USA the ability to evaluate new ideas and practices before rolling out these ideas to the entire field.

Grace Fellowship has adopted 16 public schools in their ongoing effort to reach “neighborhoods, nations, and next generation.” Their unwavering commitment to sharing the Gospel is inspiring and encouraging, especially at a time when so many American churches are in decline. Check out Grace’s website at



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