Prayer Warriors in Our Schools

Anyone can be a Prayer Warrior and many are willing. Most volunteers just need someone to get them going in the right direction and to keep them motivated. I believe that there is someone at your school who wants to help with GNC, can’t be at meetings but can lead your Prayer Warriors.

GNC Prayer Warriors was presented to me by Marilyn Gates. I spoke to her a couple of years ago about GNC and told her that I would love to help but that I couldn’t commit to being at the weekly club meetings. She shared with me the idea of recruiting Prayer Warriors in our school that would commit to praying over our students throughout the school year. We worked together to recruit those volunteers and assign them one student, sometimes two if they were willing, to pray for. I think she created cards for each Prayer Warrior with their assigned student’s name. We have since done these cards with student pictures too.

Marilyn also shared with me the book “Pray for ME” by Tony Souder and we discussed how this book could help guide the prayers. At that point I stepped in and started sending a weekly e-mail to our Prayer Warriors that included a synopsis of the message provided as well as the prayer that is outlined in the book. I made sure to let them know that the prayer was a just guide, not to replace what God laid on their hearts. The book did not take us the whole year to complete so then I supplemented with other devotions and prayers that God lead me to. Another devotional that I used as the basis for some of my e-mails was “Pocket Prayers for Teachers” by Lucado & Hale. God speaks to me through music so occasionally I would add the link to a song that He provided for me. Sometimes I included prayer requests from club (without names) so that our Prayer Warriors could hear the concerns of our children.

The prayer e-mails have been welcomed by our volunteers and God works through them. They are not only impacting our GNC students, but also our Prayer Warriors and their classrooms as well. I hope that this encourages you to either start this ministry in your school, or find that person who will! I am attaching a couple of Prayer Warrior e-mails that I sent last year. Some are short, some are long and they vary from week to week, depending on what I’m being led to share. I’ll be happy to answer any questions that you have about what we do here at Chattahoochee.

Jennifer Chaney
Teacher of Exceptional Children
Chattahoochee Elementary School

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