To learn more about what a Good News Club is and what happens when your child is there, watch this 2 minute video.

10th Birthday Pledge

We will remove one number for each donation/pledge
made to help our kids. Can you help us with
$10/month for one year?

Check back often to watch our progress.

  • Our teens hold 5-Day Club

What Good News Club® Can Do For You and Your School

  • Show students the Gospel and model a relationship with God
  • Provide a safe place for a child to go to in times of trouble
  • Bring the teaching of biblical morality to the school
  • Connect the student and the family to others in the community
  • Mentor students in building strong character and moral development
  • Equip students with ways to handle conflict
  • Grow students spiritually
  • Furnish students with biblical adult role-models
  • Allow students to build new friendships