Fueled By Prayer®

Our Mission: Reach all 55,000 students in grades 2-5 in the 80 public elementary schools in Gwinnett County with the Gospel of Salvation.

Fueled by Prayer Mission: Encouraging Christians to Pray: locally, nationally, and internationally. Spurring each other in the spreading of the Gospel of Salvation throughout the world.

We combine these missions through a conference prayer call, with participants taking turns praying as the Lord leads. Each hour is monitored to record the names of those calling and their associated ministry or ID# and to share their prayer needs with others.​ We will share CEF/GNC’s current prayer needs with our partners weekly.

​Jimmie Borders, a successful businessman from Kentucky came up with the idea to grow the prayer for ministries around the world. Jimmie’s goal is to have Christians calling in daily and praying together. This vision includes giving to participating ministries from the profits of his businesses. His current year goal is to give $1,000,000 to ministries.


  • Use the button below to apply for an ID number, associating your name with our organization.
  • Call using one of the numbers sent to you in your confirmation email. We use line 6 for Children’s Ministry when available.
  • Give your ID# before you pray.
  • You will be on a call line with others praying but should stay muted until your turn to pray.
  • When it is your turn, pray for 1-5 minutes based on God’s leading.
  • You may hang up after you pray or you may be blessed to stay on the line and pray with others.
  • You will be sent a weekly email listing our current prayer needs and recently answered prayers.

Here’s the information you will need to sign up:

Main 1st Line 1-571-317-3122 access code 150-607-149#

2nd Line 1-872-240-3412 access code 153-473-661#

3rd Line 1-646-749-3131 access code 842-109-293#

4st Line 1-872-240-3412 access code 332-085-709#

5th Line 1-646-749-3122 access code 753-332-221#

6th Line 1-571-317-3122 access code 406-340-397# (We typically use this line as it is for Children’s Ministry. But any line will work.)

Enter one or more of these lines to your mobile phone under contacts (so you don’t have to have the list with you!!)

How to Dial an Extension on Android

To dial an extension on Android, input the main contact number on the “Phone” app. For the “Pause” method, long-press “*” until a comma appears. For the “Wait” method, long-press “#” until a semi-colon appears. Then, add the extension number after the comma or semi-colon. 

How to Save Phone Extensions in Your iPhone Contacts

  • In Contacts, open contact > Edit > tap phone number > +*# > place the cursor at end of number > Pause > enter extension > Done.
  • If you need a longer pause, tap the Pause button two or three times.
  • If you don’t know how long to pause, use the Wait symbol (semicolon ;).